Many people walking across a crosswalk in the city center.
According to a new report from the organization Propel, the number of individuals killed while using active transportation modes — such as bicycling, walking, or riding a scooter — more than doubled in just a year’s time in Atlanta, with 31 people being struck and killed by cars in 2021 compared to 14 a year before. Of those deaths, 29 were killed while walking or waiting outside of the car, one while using a wheelchair, and one while riding a bicycle. 39 percent of these fatalities occurred on an interstate highway, and 42 percent occurred on a high injury network street. High injury network streets are dangerous streets throughout the city in which more accidents involving all types of traffic occur. These streets are not evenly distributed throughout the city, but instead tend to be highly concentrated in certain areas. These areas are often lower-income parts of the city where there are higher numbers of Black residents and more people relying on walking as their primary mode of transportation. These areas also tend to have less sidewalk coverage that would allow pedestrians a safer space to walk. In May, voters in Atlanta approved three ballot measures in order to raise needed funds to improve the city’s infrastructure, including two bonds and the renewal of a special sales tax. Of the $750 million available through the measures, there are funds allocated to address the city’s high injury network, including $196.5 million allocated for sidewalks and trails, and $108 million designated for projects involving safe streets and the creation of bicycle lanes on streets. An additional $10 million has been earmarked for additional traffic and pedestrian signals. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident in Atlanta, let our experienced accident attorney explain the process of seeking compensation for your injuries and the type of services we can offer to assist you with your claim. Contact us for a free case evaluation.