Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a very common form of transportation in Atlanta, and unfortunately, that means that motorcycle accidents are common as well. If you ride a motorcycle around the city, it is important that you are aware of the common causes of accidents, how to avoid them, and what you should do in case you are involved in one. More often than not, motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers, not the motorcycle drivers, but even so, it is up the the motorcycle driver to operate defensively in all situations.

Take a look at these common causes of motorcycle accidents in Atlanta, and contact the team at Cambre & Associates immediately if you have been involved in one. We will build a personal injury lawsuit for you, and seek the damages you are rightfully entitled to, either through direct negotiations with the insurance company, or in a full civil case through the Georgia courts.

Lane Changes

As a motorcycle driver, it is essential that you understand how much easier it is for a driver to lose a motorcycle in their blind spot than another car, or a truck. This means that you are at a greater risk of them changing lanes into you, forcing you off the road. Make sure that you are constantly aware of the drivers around you, and where you are in reference to their blind spots.

Car Doors

Too often, drivers will parallel park in Atlanta and simply throw their door open without checking their side mirrors. This is known as “getting doored,” and it is common with bicycles and motorcycles alike. While traveling alongside parked cars, always stay aware of which cars have someone in the seat closest to your lane of travel.

Inexperienced Drivers

Inexperienced drivers can get easily intimidated while out on the main roads at first. As such, they may be skittish, or over-focus on a single aspect of driving, which leads to them missing the motorcycle in their side mirror, or while making a left turn at a light. Always anticipate the next move all vehicles around you can make.


Speed is dangerous for motorcycle drivers and car drivers alike, because it decreases handling ability, requires a faster reaction time, and lengthens the stopping distance of any vehicle. This combination of factors can be deadly for motorcycle riders, and it is important to be aware of your own speeds, and to be ward of other vehicles driving too fast.

Unsafe Road Conditions

Since you are on two wheels instead of four, motorcycles are more susceptible to unsafe road conditions like sand patches, grooved pavement, or black ice. In your Basic Rider Course, you will learn basic tactics of how to handle common road conditions you will encounter in your travels, and it is important to stay vigilant at all times.

Motorcycle Defects

A defect in manufacturing can prove fatal on any vehicle, but it is especially important that you can trust your motorcycle. Motorcycles carry a greater risk than a car, simply because of the lack of protection, and a fall at high speeds can be catastrophic. Be sure to keep up with maintenance on your motorcycle, and go to a mechanic that you trust.

Contact Cambre & Associates Immediately

No matter the specifics of your motorcycle accident, it will be exceptionally helpful to navigate this process with the help of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at our Atlanta firm. We work hard for our clients, and will fight to be sure that you get the money you deserve after your accident.

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