What to Do After Your Motor Vehicle Accident in Georgia

The hours and days following a car accident are critical for preserving evidence and gathering important information when preparing a strong foundation for a personal injury claim. After a motor vehicle accident, you may be upset and not thinking clearly. If you have suffered a serious head injury you may also have difficulty focusing. However, you must know what steps to take after your motor vehicle accident in Georgia to protect your legal rights and your claim for compensation.

At Cambre & Associates, we have your best interests in mind. We will stand by your side during this stressful time and help take the burden off you by handling every aspect of your case, so you can focus on your recovery and moving on with your life.

Protecting Yourself After an Auto Accident

Even the most law-abiding, careful Georgia driver cannot prevent another driver from causing a catastrophic car accident. An auto accident can happen suddenly, without warning, leaving you seriously injured, unsure of what to do, and unable to think clearly. During this time, you must remain calm and follow these steps:

Check for Injuries

Your health and safety should always be your first priority. First, check yourself for any injuries, then check on your passengers. If you’re able to, contact 911 and report the accident as well as provide information regarding any injuries sustained by you or your passengers. Keep in mind, you or your passengers may be in shock and may not realize that you’re in need of medical treatment. Shock can be a life-threatening medical condition that’s caused by blood loss or the trauma of an accident. While you’re waiting for the ambulance and police officers to arrive, be sure that everyone is in as safe a position as possible. If you feel okay following the accident and don’t believe that you’re injured, you should still seek medical treatment as soon as possible. You may have a head injury, internal bleeding, or another injury that’s not immediately apparent.

Exchange information

Share your insurance company information, full name, address, and phone number with the other party involved in the accident. Avoid discussing the accident with the other motorist involved while you’re waiting for the police to arrive. Do not admit fault for the accident and never apologize.

Collect Witness Information

If there were any witnesses to the accident obtain their full names, addresses, and phone numbers. Your attorney will want to speak to them and take their statement.

Gather Evidence

Use the phone on your camera to take pictures of the accident scene, including the positions of the vehicles, debris in the road, skid marks, damage done to all vehicles involved, and your injuries. Take photos of anything else you believe may have contributed to the accident.

Document Every Detail

Use your phone or write down all of the details of the accident that you can remember. Memories can fade over time, especially if you are in pain, or disoriented immediately following the accident. If possible, write down the events that led up to the accident, who you were with, where you were going, and who you believe was responsible for the collision. These important details can help your attorney build a stronger case that can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Talk to the Police

When you speak to the police officer, do not downplay your injuries. After an accident, the rush of adrenaline can mask pain and soreness. While you may walk away from the collision feeling okay, you may wake up the next day in pain. Tell the police officer you do not know if you’ve been injured.

When you explain the events that led up to the accident, only provide the facts. Even if the police officer documents that they believe that you were at fault for the auto accident, this doesn’t mean you do not have a case. An attorney can thoroughly investigate your case to determine which party was negligent.

Accident Report

A police officer will speak with you, the other motorist, passengers, and any eyewitnesses. The police officer will fill out an accident report which will list important information provided by all of the parties involved in the accident. If you or the other driver violated any traffic laws which led to the accident, you or the other driver will receive a citation.

You must obtain a copy of the accident report, which your attorney will use as valuable evidence when building your personal injury claim.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

Notify your insurance company of the accident, providing information regarding the other party involved, as soon as possible. The insurance company will also need a copy of the accident report.

During this time, you can also get a property damage quote from your insurance company. The quote will be the amount you’re able to recover for your vehicle or other damaged property. If the accident was just a minor fender bender, you may be able to handle an insurance claim on your own. However, if you were seriously injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of another driver, you should contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Avoid Speaking to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

A claims adjuster from the at-fault driver’s insurance company will try to contact you soon after the accident. While the insurance adjuster may seem friendly and helpful, they are not on your side. Their goal is to pay you as little as possible, if anything at all. They will use tactics that are meant to confuse or overwhelm you to get you to admit your injuries are not as severe as you claim they are, or that you are partially or fully responsible for the accident.

In some cases, an insurance adjuster can become aggressive and may call you several times a day to pressure you into accepting a low settlement amount. Don’t let an insurance company intimidate you or take advantage of you. To protect your legal rights, contact an auto accident lawyer in Georgia as soon as possible. An attorney can take over all communication with an insurance company including settlement negotiations. Once you have an attorney, an insurance company can no longer harass you or pressure you into accepting a settlement that’s not nearly enough to cover the cost of your injuries and other damages. An attorney will protect your rights and your claim and answer any questions on your behalf.

Contact a Georgia Auto Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of another driver you should speak with an experienced auto accident attorney at Cambre and Associates as soon as possible. Our attorneys can review the details of your accident and discuss your legal rights. If you decide to work with us, we will begin an investigation right away to preserve evidence from the accident and build a strong case to help you seek compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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