Your bike is a great way to get around. It’s fun, environmentally friendly, and a wonderful way to soak in the sights and sounds of your city. But it can also be dangerous. Of the 31 million people injured in the U.S. annually, about 2 million require hospitalization, and bike accidents can be severe. Especially when these accidents involve a car, the rider and the bike can sustain some damage.

If you were injured in a bike accident, it’s important for you to hire a personal injury lawyer and seek compensation for these damages. This guide will help get you started with this process.

I was injured on my bike. Do I have a case?
It’s important to remember that laws pertaining to personal injury and bike accidents vary by state. In many cases, the cyclist will need to prove that a driver was acting with negligence. Often, this means that they were driving recklessly, were distracted, or were impaired in some way. By proving one or multiple factors against the driver, you are more likely to prove fault. Of course, an attorney can help you through this process.

I think I deserve more than the insurance company is offering. What do I do?
Remember that the insurance company wants to offer the lowest possible settlement. This will protect their assets. This compensation will likely include medical bills and potentially nothing else. However, it’s important to work with a lawyer to seek compensations for all factors. This can include emotional suffering, damage to your bike, and various types of disability.

How can I find the right attorney?
To successfully navigate your personal injury case, it’s important to find an attorney with experience in bicycle accidents. These professionals can use their knowledge of personal injury and car accidents to craft your case. This can increase your chances of receiving compensation.

By acting quickly after your bike accident, you can approach your case in an organized manner. With a proactive and qualified attorney, you can take your case seriously and get closer to compensation. Then you can get back to your life and move on from your accident for good.