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Leyes de Georgia prohíben aumento de tarifa para automovilistias inocentes que usan cobertura pago médico y cobertura automovilista no asegurado.

Ninguna compañía aseguradora puede aumentar la prima o la tarifa en la póliza de seguro del automóvil o cancelar dicha póliza como resultado donde la persona se involucra en un accidente multi-vehicular en cuál dicha persona no fue culpable. O.C.G.A. § 33-9-40

Federal Immigration Status Does Not Prohibit Any Victim From Being Compensated For Their Injuries.


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Ian D. Perez

Ian D. Perez

Managing Partner

Mr. Perez graduated from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School and is licensed to practice law in Georgia and Florida. Originating from Puerto Rico, Mr. Perez is fluent in Spanish and English and strives to help the Latino community in Georgia understand their rights when involved in personal injury matters. Mr. Perez has been on Vida 1010 AM radio to help answer legal questions for listeners and continues to find ways to reach out and educate the Atlanta community.

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