The City of Alpharetta has warned drivers that those traveling south on Westside Parkway between Maxwell Road and Encore Parkway can expect to encounter lane closures all week as crews repair a large dip that has developed in the roadway just south of Arts Summit Road. The closure will involve the left southbound lane through Wednesday before shifting to the right southbound lane. Motorists who normally use this roadway are encouraged to choose an alternate route in order to avoid traffic delays. Northbound travelers are not expected to be impacted by the closures.

Those who choose to travel southbound on Westside Parkway have been asked to reduce speeds and watch for workers and equipment as they travel through the work zone. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), dozens of travelers die in accidents in construction work zones throughout the state each year. 53 percent of these crashes involve either a roadway departure or a rear-end collision, often as a result of distraction, driving too fast for the conditions of the road, or driver impairment. 

GDOT adds that, in addition to slowing down and watching for workers and equipment, drivers should be sure not to tailgate other vehicles and to expect the unexpected, such as traffic suddenly slowing or stopping. Drivers are also reminded that Georgia’s Hands-Free Law prohibits the use of handheld devices in work zones, and the state’s Move Over law requires drivers to move over one lane (if possible) when passing emergency or utility vehicles with flashing lights. 

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