The students and staff at Bethune Middle School in DeKalb County were mourning the loss of a cafeteria worker this week after she was killed in a car accident on her way to work Monday morning. Shirley Revere had worked in the middle school cafeteria for ten years, and had been with the DeKalb County School District for nearly 20 years. Crisis management teams were available on Monday and Tuesday to help students and coworkers deal with the loss. Students wrote cards and letters for Revere, while staff members stated that they loved their coworker and were still in shock.

The two-vehicle accident occurred on Covington Highway in Decatur, just outside of the middle school. Revere died at the scene, while a 33-year-old male driver of the other vehicle was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. While the accident remained under investigation, Revere’s coworkers reported that drivers regularly speed through the area. 

At the start of 2022, the DeKalb County Police Department stated that their top goal for the year was to reduce the number of car accidents around the county, after seeing a 40 percent increase in the number of traffic-related deaths from 2020 to 2021. Speeding is one of the most common factors in traffic accidents throughout the country, as it reduces the amount of time a driver has to see and respond to hazards on the roadway, increases the amount of time a vehicle will travel after the brakes have been applied, and also increases the severity of the crash.

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