Driver Killed After Crashing Into Previous Accident

While Clayton County police were cleaning up the roadway after an injury crash involving a tractor-trailer in the early hours of Friday morning, they say another vehicle sped through standstill traffic and struck into the back of the commercial truck, resulting in the death of the driver. The accident scene was located on I-75 near Forest Parkway and Tara Boulevard at around 3 AM, and all lanes were closed at the time that the vehicle moved forward, hitting the tractor-trailer and rolling beneath it, killing the 58-year-old driver on impact.

It was the second incident involving another vehicle crashing into the scene of a tractor-trailer accident in a matter of hours in Clayton County. On Thursday evening, police were responding to an accident on I-285 West near the Forest Park Road overpass involving a commercial truck that had reportedly been cut off by a car, causing the truck driver to strike a guard rail before hitting an electrical box that controlled an overhead traffic sign and DOT cameras. It came to rest beneath the overhead sign and began leaking fuel. While responding to this accident, police observed a driver attempting to enter two lanes that had been closed for the crash. The driver was forced to stop for a towing wrecker at the scene, and a police officer got into position to try and stop the driver. Instead, the driver lurched forward and struck both the towing wrecker and one of the patrol cars. The driver escaped on foot and it was later discovered that the car was stolen.

Chain reaction crashes often occur when a driver collides with disabled vehicles or emergency vehicles from a previous accident scene, and also often occur on interstates where speeds are higher. If you’ve been injured in an accident on one of the area’s interstates caused by another driver’s negligence, an experienced car accident attorney from Cambre & Associates can tell you about the process you can use to seek compensation for the expenses and impacts of your injury. Contact us for a free case evaluation.