A car on fire on the shoulder of the highway at night.
A driver was killed late Friday night in a car fire south of downtown following a two-car accident. According to the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, the accident occurred on I-75/85 at around 11 pm, when one vehicle was attempting to pass another as both were traveling southbound near Fulton Street. The cars collided, and the driver of the vehicle that was being passed lost control and struck a wall before overturning. By the time responders arrived at the scene, that vehicle was fully engulfed in flames with the driver still inside. After extinguishing the fire, responders confirmed that the driver was deceased. As of the publication of the report, no one had been charged for the accident but the investigation was ongoing. Atlanta’s I-75/85 Downtown Connector is a frequent location for car accidents, at least in part because of the volume of traffic it sees. The connector is one of the most congested roadways in the nation, with the average Atlanta driver spending around 64 hours a year stuck in traffic on this road. Overall, Atlanta drivers spend around 82 hours stuck on the city’s congested roadways. According to a spokesperson from AAA, most traffic accidents occur due to three main causes: speeding, alcohol impairment, and distracted driving. Speed reduces the time a driver has to see and react to an accident, increases the distance needed for the brakes to pull the vehicle to a complete stop, and also increases the risk of the driver losing control of the vehicle. Alcohol impairment creates deficits to the skills needed for driving safely, including the ability to maintain a single lane of travel, control speed, or brake effectively. Distracted driving involves anything that causes the driver to take their hands from the wheel, eyes from the road, or mind from the task of driving safely. If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else’s risky driving behaviors, let the legal team at Cambre & Associates LLC help you understand the process of obtaining compensation for your injuries or loss. Contact us for a free case evaluation.