As noted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, an early winter storm is expected to arrive late this week and into the weekend that could bring the coldest temperatures that the region has seen in nearly five years, as well as a high chance of rain, freezing rain, and even snow. Rain and cooler temperatures are expected to move in on Thursday, as an arctic cold front starts moving across the state. Temperatures on Friday are not expected to rise above freezing. On Saturday, the forecast low is 19 degrees — the first time the area has seen temperatures in the teens since January, 2018. The suburbs are expected to remain below freezing through Christmas Day.

With the coming storm, drivers are cautioned to watch out for black ice, which is one of the most dangerous roadway conditions for drivers because it is nearly invisible. Black ice forms when the air at the surface of the road is below freezing and it is raining. The condition is most common around dawn and in the late evening, when temperatures often are at their lowest, and less lighting makes the clear layer of ice on the black road difficult to see. Black ice is more common on bridges and overpasses, as these types of roadways experience freezing temperatures both above the road and below it. Less-traveled roads also lend to the formation of black ice due to less friction from vehicles traveling on the roadway that serves to heat the surface of the road and prevent ice from forming.

Some tips for driving in safe ice include:

  • Leaving plenty of space between your car and other cars to avoid collisions if one vehicle begins to slide.
  • Don’t use cruise control, as this function can cause the vehicle to accelerate over ice, leading to a skid.
  • If the roadway looks wet, check to see if vehicles ahead are kicking up water or leaving tracks when they travel it. If they’re not, it is likely ice.
  • If you begin to skid on the ice, avoid braking, ease off of the accelerator, and steer in the direction you want your car to go.

If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by a driver’s carelessness or recklessness during inclement weather conditions, an experienced car accident attorney from Cambre & Associates can tell you about the process of seeking compensation for the expenses and impacts of your injury. Contact us for a free case evaluation.