Unhappy female driver with damaged car after an accident calling insurance company on mobile phone.
Unhappy Female Driver With Damaged Car After Accident Calling Insurance Company On Mobile Phone
After experiencing an accident this summer in which an at-fault driver fled the scene of an accident where one of their own officers was injured, the Duluth Police Department has reported that there has been a 54 percent increase in hit-and-run accidents in the city this year. The increase in accidents occurred over the months of January through October, when compared to the same months last year. The most common place for this type of crash to occur in Duluth is along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. In fact, the accident that injured the Duluth officer took place at the intersection of PIB and Abbots Bridge Road. Another common location for this type of accident is along Pleasant Hill Road. The increase largely involves vehicle-on-vehicle collisions. Fortunately, in the officer’s case, the fleeing driver was apprehended within days. However, many hit-and-run cases in the area remain unsolved, which can make the victim’s ability to pursue compensation difficult, as personal injury claims must certainly require a named liable party and generally also require an associated insurance policy as insurance is the means by which most of these types of claims are compensated. The Duluth Police Department encourages individuals who have been involved in an accident or have witnessed one where the driver has fled the scene to immediately jot down as many details as they remember about the vehicle and driver, particularly the color and model of the car and any part of the license plate that was observed. If you were involved in the accident and there were witnesses at the scene, also be sure to get their name and contact information, as the details they witnessed can help the police find the driver. If you have been injured by a hit-and-run driver, let an experienced car accident attorney from Cambre & Associates LLC explain the personal injury claims process with you and explore your legal options for seeking compensation. Contact us for a free case evaluation.