Firefighters Injured After Semi Crashes into Fire Truck

Multiple Atlanta firefighters were injured Wednesday after a semi-truck slammed into their fire truck while they were working at the scene of a vehicle fire in the eastbound lanes of I-285. According to a report from Fox 5, firefighters had responded to a vehicle fire shortly after 12:30 AM, just past the Jonesboro exit, when the accident occurred. All eastbound lanes of the interstate were shut down for a time in order for investigators and clean-up crews to finish working at the scene.

Three firefighters were injured in the accident and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital, where they were expected to recover. The report noted that the semi-truck driver was also injured in the collision but refused treatment at the scene. No one was injured in the initial vehicle fire.

The accident prompted a representative from the Atlanta Police Department to urge drivers to be alert when driving at night and to watch for emergency lights and vehicles. Georgia’s Move-Over Law requires drivers who encounter emergency vehicles on the roadway with their lights flashing to move over one lane if possible for the safety of workers. If the driver is unable to move over due to the volume of traffic, they’re required to slow down below the posted speed limit and be prepared to stop.

Commercial trucks are significantly larger and heavier than other vehicles on the roadway and have a number of maneuverability issues, including blind spots along the entire length of the vehicle and an increased stopping distance. Trucking companies are required to obtain a higher amount of insurance in order to account for the vehicle’s size and the risks faced by other roadway users.

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