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The 2020 Thanksgiving holidays have more unique dangers than any year before them. Not only do you need to consider the usual slip and fall risks, especially if you’re going to be out Black Friday shopping in Atlanta over the weekend, you may also need to carefully consider how you can prevent getting infected with COVID-19 over the holidays. Is it safe to travel for the holidays during COVID-19? How can you keep yourself safe from the novel coronavirus during the holidays?

While you cannot guarantee 100% safety, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones this holiday season.

1. Choose your meal location with care.

Where are you planning to have your family Thanksgiving celebration this year? If you want to avoid needing an Atlanta slip and fall accident attorney, you may want to make sure that you choose a location that will allow you to avoid common trip hazards. Overcrowded restaurants, for example, could pose both a slip and fall hazard and a COVID-19 hazard for Atlanta residents. As you choose your meal location, consider:

  • Can you have your Thanksgiving meal outside?
  • Do you want people in your home, leaving germs on your surfaces? This could be the ideal year to have your Thanksgiving meal in someone else’s home.
  • Where will you be safe? Cords running over the ground, for example, could pose a serious slip and fall hazard for elderly Atlanta residents.

2. Avoid travel, if possible.

With COVID-19 cases rising dramatically in many areas of the country, it’s more important than ever to maintain social distancing and avoid travel. If family usually comes in from far away for the holidays, consider the benefits of hosting a virtual celebration this year, rather than getting together in person. While it could leave you missing family members who can’t make it in, it may also help keep all of you safer.

3. Keep your gathering small.

2020 is, sadly, not the year to hold a large gathering for your extended family. Instead, consider keeping your gathering small. You may only want to get together with the people still in your household or those who are members of your “Covid bubble” to help reduce the potential spread of the illness. Virtual get-togethers can help you feel more connected to far-away loved ones in spite of the inability to come together in person. Consider having family members visit Atlanta testing centers, including AFC Urgent Care, the South Cobb VA Clinic, or Peachtree Immediate Care to ensure that they are not infected before getting together.

4. Have one person serve the meal.

Instead of passing dishes around the table or lining up like you’re at a buffet, consider having just one person serve the entire meal. If that person wears a mask and gloves, it can significantly cut down on the risk of spreading COVID-19 during your dinner.

5. End outdoor gatherings before dark.

If you do get together outdoors to share your Thanksgiving this year–a great way to increase air flow and decrease the spread of illness–you may want to end your gathering before dark. Higher fall risk could leave you needing a slip and fall attorney in Atlanta. If you’re worried about timing, consider an afternoon meal, rather than an evening one.

6. Wear masks.

When you aren’t eating, and especially if you’re less than six feet away from your family members, wear masks. You might need to yell a little louder to be heard, but it’s well worth the added layer of safety during this trying time.

7. Install hand sanitizer stations throughout the gathering area.

Make sure that everyone washes and sanitizes their hands regularly. Hand washing remains one of the most important actions you can take to decrease the spread of germs during gatherings.

8. Ask for help, if you need it.

If you have your gathering at an unfamiliar location and you find yourself struggling to move across uneven ground or navigate a steep flight of stairs, ask for help. If you do suffer a slip and fall, whether you’re at a popular local restaurant or in the home of a family member or friend, you may find yourself needing an Atlanta slip and fall accident lawyer–and that’s not the ideal way to end the Thanksgiving holiday.

9. Do your Black Friday shopping online.

Many businesses have already released their Black Friday deals. They’re planning ahead for longer shipping times, higher online shopping volume, and more consumers who need socially-distanced shopping options. Instead of venturing out to the stores this year, consider starting your Black Friday shopping ahead of time or sitting down with your computer for the big day instead. If you have an annual tradition that includes shopping with loved ones, consider the benefits of sitting down and doing it virtually, rather than fighting the crowds. Not only can it help prevent the need for a slip and fall attorney in Atlanta as you deal with crowds, it can help decrease your potential COVID-19 exposure.

10. Make sure your mask fits well and that you can see while wearing it.

Do you wear glasses along with your mask? Does it often slip up, obscuring your vision, or make it hard for you to see if you look down at the ground? Unfortunately, in some cases, your mask can pose a slip and fall hazard. Test your mask out ahead of time to make sure that it fits well and that you can see easily with it on. Experiment with different types of masks to discover which one offers the greatest level of protection while still allowing you to breathe comfortably.

Do You Need an Atlanta Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer?

Despite your best efforts to keep yourself safe over Thanksgiving and Black Friday, 2020 presents some unique challenges–and that’s in addition to the usual ones. If you suffer a slip and fall accident over the holidays, you need an experienced slip and fall attorney in Georgia to help you navigate a personal injury claim. Contact Cambre & Associates today to learn more about your legal right to compensation.

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