On Tuesday, a man was injured in an accident on I-20 near Salem Road in Conyers. According to a report from 11 Alive, officers from the Conyers Police Department noted that the accident involved at least one vehicle crashing into a disabled semi-truck on the interstate. The injured man was conscious at the scene, but bleeding from the head. Police did not state whether the man was the driver of the disabled semi or the vehicle that crashed into it. The man was transported to a local hospital.

The trucking industry is among the most federally regulated industries in the nation, and drivers of semi-trucks are required to perform safety inspections on their vehicles before every trip to search for signs of wear that could result in mechanical problems on the roadway and lead to accidents. Additionally, the owner/operator or trucking company who owns the truck is required to commit to a regular maintenance schedule in order to repair and replace parts of the vehicle that tend to wear out more quickly due to the weight of the vehicle and the miles the driver puts on it while performing job-related tasks. 

According to commercial truck insurer, Tobico, when a commercial truck breaks down on the roadway while hauling a load, the trucker should opt for the widest spot to pull over and turn their flashers on. If possible, the driver should also set up flares or emergency triangles behind the truck to alert other drivers of the presence of the disabled vehicle.

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