A building with a pine tree that has fallen on its roof.
An Atlanta man was injured on Monday morning just before 7 AM, when a tree crashed through the roof of the Buckhead home where he and his family were renting a garage apartment. The incident happened around Monday morning when winds from the winter storm gusted at around 30 miles per hour. The tree fell across the front of the home on Old Ivey Road off Habersham Road, ripping off the exterior wall and plunging the man in his bed down onto the garage floor. The man was pinned between the garage floor and the tree when rescue personnel arrived at the scene. They spent an hour cutting away debris, securing destabilized walls, and finally lifting the tree off of him. The man was alert at the time of his rescue and was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital. The extent of his injuries was unknown. Normally, his wife and six-month-old child would have been in the room with him at the time the accident occurred, but they were in a different room that morning because the baby had been fussy. They were uninjured by the falling tree. Generally, property owners are liable for injuries and property damage that occur due to falling trees on the property, as the trees belong to the property owner, and they have a responsibility to ensure that they are properly maintained and do not pose a hazard. Trees that fall as a result of “an act of God” such as a windstorm are usually covered unless the homeowner’s policy specifically excludes these types of damages. If you were injured as a result of a defective condition at a rental property, let our experienced legal team help you understand your legal options for obtaining compensation for the expenses and impacts you incurred. For a free case evaluation, contact us.