Man Killed in DeKalb County Head-On Crash

A man is dead following an early morning head-on collision in DeKalb County. According to a report from Fox 5, the crash occurred at around 3:20 AM in the westbound lanes of I-20 just before Wesley Chapel Road. Police believe the crash was the result of a vehicle traveling eastbound in those lanes, striking another car head-on. Both drivers were transported to the hospital, where the driver of the second vehicle involved in the crash died of his injuries. The accident caused I-20 West to be shut down for hours and delays caused traffic to back up to Lithonia Industrial Boulevard.

A study from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety noted that wrong-way driving accounts for around 3.7 percent of all traffic fatalities. 60 percent of wrong-way drivers have a blood alcohol level that is over the state’s legal impairment limit for adult drivers of .08 grams of alcohol per deciliter of blood, compared to 11 percent of drivers who were in accidents while driving the right way on the road. 70 percent of wrong-way drivers are male and are significantly more likely to be driving on a suspended or revoked license than right-way drivers. Nearly 87 percent of drivers who cause wrong-way accidents are traveling without a passenger. The foundation noted that a passenger will often alert the driver if they’re attempting to enter the road in an opposing travel lane. While adults ages 20-29 have the highest rates of wrong-way driving, the risk increases for drivers over the age of 70 as well.

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