What to do Following a Motorcycle Accident in Atlanta

If you are in a motorcycle accident, your top priority is your health and safety. The following steps are a suggestion, but if you have been seriously injured, the most important thing is to get immediate medical attention, and to follow any and all suggestions of your doctor. In some cases, an injury may render someone unconscious or incapacitate them entirely, meaning that these steps are not possible to be followed.

If you are interested in knowing the steps to take after a motorcycle accident in Atlanta, take a look at the following list as a course of suggested action. Depending on your situation, there may be more or fewer things to do. Follow these steps as they fit into your circumstances.

Get To Safety

If you are able to move yourself, get out of the road and to a safe location as quickly as possible. However, make sure that you do not leave the scene of the accident, as you can be charged for this, and it will severely complicate your chances of successful litigation.

Get to the side of the road, the median strip, or a breakdown lane if possible. This way you reduce your risk of being struck by another driver.

Contact The Authorities

Call 9-1-1 as soon as possible, so that they can dispatch the proper services immediately. In addition to the importance of establishing legal official documentation of your crash, it is important that police are able to direct traffic, and the fire department is able to ensure that no hazardous materials are left on the road without being neutralized.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you are able to walk away from the crash, be certain that you meet with your doctor. Obviously, if your injuries are more serious, then you should request an ambulance to the hospital where you will receive emergency treatment. Whatever the case, make sure that you have your injuries looked at by a doctor. This is important for your recovery, and equally important to establish an awareness of the injury as soon as possible.

File a Report

Documentation is key for a personal injury lawsuit, and therefore your accident report will be an important piece of reference documentation while you are seeking compensation for your injuries.

Contact Your Insurance

It is important that you speak with your insurance representative as soon as possible so that they can explain their process of dealing with your injuries and medical bills. Every insurance policy is different, so it is essential that you understand what is, and is not, covered by your policy.

Speak With a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

As soon as you are able, get in contact with a personal injury lawyer. The sooner you begin this process, the better – not only because of the statute of limitations (2 years from the accident), but to be sure you have legal support while dealing with the other driver’s insurance company.

Often, people think that they are unable to begin the process while they are still dealing with their injuries, but this is not the case. First, your attorney will be able to handle negotiations with the insurance company’s lawyers and attempt to reach a settlement agreement without requiring a lawsuit. Additionally, they will be able to project any future financial consequences to your injuries, and include them in the final lawsuit amount you are seeking.

Cambre & Associates is available for a free case evaluation today. We look forward to speaking with you, and for the privilege of representing you while you focus on recovering from your accident.

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