Atlanta interstate traffic headed North towards Downtown.
Many commuters found themselves stuck in Midtown traffic Thursday morning as multiple accidents occurred along the connector. Lanes had just reopened following a wreck at Interstate 75/85 at Williams Street when three new accidents occurred. Drivers were being routed to Northside Drive, Peachtree, and Spring Street to get through Midtown, while those heading to the airport were cautioned that Interstate 285 would be their best bet to get there without facing major delays. It was indicated that injuries had been suffered in the series of accidents, though there was no word at the time of publication as to the extent of those injuries. Atlanta regularly tops annual lists for the most congested cities in the nation. In 2020, Atlanta drivers spent an average of 37 hours caught in congestion. However, traffic during the pandemic was at its lowest levels in 40 years. In 2019, the average time spent stuck in traffic was 78 hours for Atlanta drivers. It is believed that congestion levels will likely be more in line with 2019 once all of 2021’s figures have been compiled. Atlanta’s 2020 traffic congestion cost each commuter an average $869. Beyond the cost, fuel consumption, emissions, and stress involved in heavily congested roadways, heavy traffic often results in additional accidents and injuries to vehicle occupants. If you have been injured in an accident along the connector or on any roadway through the region that was the result of the carelessness or recklessness of another driver, you can seek compensation for the expenses and impacts of your injury through the personal injury claims process. An accident attorney from Cambre & Associates LLC can tell you about this process, and give you information about the services we can provide to help you with your claim. Contact us for a free case evaluation.