A Monday morning chain-reaction crash in East Point resulted in injuries to several people, including a 3-year-old child. According to a report from WSB-TV 2, the East Point Police Department received a call that there had been an accident on I-285 north between Washington Road and Camp Creek Parkway involving a semi-truck. However, when responders from the East Point Fire Department arrived at the scene, they discovered 16 vehicles involved in the accident, and several of the occupants from the vehicles had injuries. Five people were transported to the hospital, including the child, whose injuries were described as serious. The accident also resulted in four northbound lanes of I-285 being closed for a time, resulting in heavy traffic in the area.

A chain-reaction crash — also commonly referred to as a pile-up — happens when three or more vehicles collide in a succession of events that generally begins with an accident involving one or two vehicles. Other vehicles traveling through the area are unable to stop in time to avoid the initial accident, resulting in additional vehicles crashing. These accidents often occur on freeways, where there can be many cars traveling in the same direction throughout multiple lanes, often at a higher rate of speed that makes it difficult to come to a quick stop when the drivers realize there is a hazard ahead. There have been several chain reaction crashes on interstates throughout the U.S. through the years that have involved more than 100 vehicles.

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