Drivers beware: Abernathy Road, in Sandy Springs, will be shut down this week just underneath the Georgia 400 overpass as crews finalize a new diverging diamond interchange as part of the Georgia Department of Transportation’s mega-project to improve the traffic patterns on Georgia 400 and the Interstate 285 corridor by limiting access to drivers depending on where they’re coming from. The area saw its first diverging diamond interchange in 2012, just a few miles from the site, on Ashford Dunwoody Road. In spite of 11 years’ worth of experience with that interchange, the pattern still feels new to many drivers.

As explained by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) — a division of the Department of Transportation — a diverging diamond interchange is a cost-effective alternative to designing a conventional diamond or single-point interchange by using a smaller project footprint and fewer impacts to surrounding areas. The diverging diamond interchange, also commonly referred to as a double crossover diamond, is considered an effective traffic solution for roadways that feature:

  • A high volume of traffic makes left turns onto and off freeway ramps.
  • Moderate and unbalanced crossroad traffic volumes through the interchange.
  • Safety concerns related to left turns made at intersections in the interchange.
  • The ability to create increased capacity without widening the roadway or bridges.

Compared to the conventional diamond interchange, a diverging diamond interchange reduces the number of potential conflicts that arise when a vehicle, pedestrian, or bicycle crosses or turns into another path of traffic, significantly reducing left-turn, right-turn, and rear-end accidents, as well as traffic delays, the FHWA reports.

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