At least one person was injured in a Sandy Springs accident that involved a dump truck Monday afternoon, according to a report from Fox 5. The accident took place on Spaulding Drive between Clay Drive and Ball Mill Road and involved a dump truck and another vehicle. Spaulding Drive was closed for an extended amount of time as investigators processed the scene.

First responders worked on getting the injured party removed from the scene for quite a while. That person was finally freed from the wreckage and taken by helicopter to the hospital for treatment. At the time of the publication of the report, the Sandy Springs Police Department had reported that the individual’s condition was stable.

Dump trucks, like other types of commercial trucks, have several maneuverability issues associated with their massive size. The weight of the vehicle increases the distance it will travel after the driver has depressed the brakes, and a loaded truck or one traveling at excessive speeds will travel even further as the brakes work to pull the vehicle to a complete stop. Dump trucks are also top-heavy, making them prone to rolling over in certain circumstances, such as when traveling a corner or curve too fast or when attempting emergency maneuvers. Additionally, large trucks also have significant blind spots on all four sides, making it difficult for drivers to see vehicles driving directly in front of, behind, or alongside them.

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