Pair of Party Crashers Cause Serious Injury Accident in Atlanta

Atlanta police report that a pair of individuals crashed a birthday party late Friday night, fired shots in the air, and caused an accident in which another person was critically injured. The police department already had an officer at a nearby location of the intersection of Campbellton and Fairburn Roads shortly after midnight on Saturday, when the officer reported hearing shots fired. He drove down the street, where he discovered a badly damaged vehicle with a critically wounded person inside.

The police investigation led to the discovery that two individuals had crashed a birthday party in the area a short time before. The party host did not know the individuals and asked them to leave. Upon exiting the residence, the party crashers began firing shots, though it was unclear as to whether they were shooting at the building or into the air. As the pair turned around in the roadway in an apparent attempt to drive by the party once more, one of the drivers struck another vehicle, causing its occupant to be severely injured.

Officers were able to locate the party crashers’ vehicle and one of the suspects in the hit-and-run. The second suspect fled the scene, and at the time of publication, the police had not located that individual or identified the first suspect and the charges they’re faced with.

In Georgia, arresting an individual for traffic violations such as reckless driving and hit-and-run is part of the criminal process, as is the investigation, the trial, and the sentencing of the criminal to serve time in prison, pay fines and fees, and other consequences. While the criminal process is important and necessary, it does not provide compensation for those injured as a result of the at-fault party’s crimes. Instead, compensation is sought through the civil court system and the personal injury claims process.

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