Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck by Airborne Motorcycle in Gwinnett

A man was killed in Gwinnett County last Thursday after being struck by a motorcycle that had become airborne after being involved in an accident with an SUV. According to a report from WSB-TV, the 42-year-old victim was about to begin a five-mile walk home when a motorcycle that was traveling through the intersections of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and Rogers Bridge Road in Duluth was struck by an SUV that was turning left at the intersection. The force of that collision caused the motorcycle to become airborne, striking the man as he stood at the corner, waiting to cross the street.

The pedestrian died at the scene. The motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in the collision. Duluth police were investigating to determine if the motorcyclist’s speed was one of the factors in the crash, which happened a mile from where an accident occurred in April that involved a driver rear-ending another vehicle while traveling 100 mph, and an additional April crash two miles to the north that involved a speeding driver, a head-on collision, and two deaths.

When the traffic signal features a solid green arrow that points left, drivers who are turning left have the right-of-way. On a solid green light that does not feature an arrow, left-turning drivers are required to yield to other vehicles passing straight through the intersection. However, if a roadway user who is traveling straight through a green light is moving faster than expected, it can lead the left-turning driver to believe that they have a sufficient gap in traffic to complete their turn, often leading to a broadside (T-bone) collision.

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