If you were involved in an auto accident in Atlanta, or another type of personal injury incident, you must obtain a copy of your police report or collision report from a local police station.

In most cases, you must request your report from the police station located the closest to where the incident occurred.

About ATL Law Enforcement Agencies

Police stations in Atlanta have earned a positive reputation in the community for their dedication to helping residents, community outreach programs, and professional police services.

In Atlanta, heightened community involvement and the efficient handling of public safety matters is what makes many police precincts in the city stand out from other law enforcement agencies in Georgia. 

Building trust by recognizing and valuing citizen input, providing safety tips and law enforcement’s dedication to public safety matters keeps Atlanta neighborhoods safe and makes it easier for police officers to provide the assistance needed during emergency situations. 

Atlanta Police Stations  

Atlanta police officers are often the first emergency responders at the scene of an accident. Emergency police response teams can provide medical assistance, secure an accident scene, and interview all parties involved in an accident, including witnesses.

Should you find yourself involved in a collision, contact one of the following departments to obtain a copy of your accident report. 

Atlanta Police Department


215 Lakewood Way SW

Phone: (404) 546-6900

Atlanta Police Department Magnolia Street Precinct


612 Magnolia St NW

Phone: (404) 658-6486

Atlanta Police Department Zone 1


2315 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy NW

Phone: (404) 799-2487

Atlanta Police Department Zone 2


3120 Maple Dr NE #300

 Phone: (404) 848-7231

Atlanta Police Department Zone 3


880 Cherokee Ave SE

Phone: (404) 624-0674

Atlanta Police Department Zone 4


1125 Cascade Cir SW

 Phone: (404) 756-1903

Atlanta Police Department Zone 5


200 Ted Turner Dr NW · In the AmericasMart

Phone: (404) 658-7830

Atlanta Police Department Zone 6


2025 Hosea L Williams Dr NE

 Phone: (404) 371-5002 

Atlanta Police Department CNN Center Precinct


190 Marietta St NW

 Phone: (404) 658-7830

Fulton County Police Department


141 Pryor St SW

 Phone: (404) 613-5700

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