Residents in a northeast Atlanta neighborhood are seeking the city’s assistance in dealing with a dangerous curve that is reportedly the site of a car accident two or three times a year, Fox 5 reported, including an accident last week in which a vehicle skidded off the road, across a yard, and into the side of someone’s home. The residents along Johnson Road near Meadowdale Avenue say that drivers are going too fast down the road to negotiate a curve, leading to accidents that have in the past demolished front yard vegetation and laid waste to utility poles. Those living in the neighborhood say that accidents have become so common there that they are afraid to let their children play in the front yard or go out to check the mail, particularly if it has been raining and the road is wet.

Johnson Road residents have some suggestions as to how traffic can be slowed down in the area, including installing stop signs or putting in a roundabout. While the neighborhood is in the district of city councilmember Alex Wan, Wan’s office did not immediately respond to the news station’s requests for comment. 

According to information from the Federal Highway Administration’s Road Weather Management Program, wet pavement and rainfall are the two most common factors involved in weather-related crashes, as the surfaces of these roads become slippery, impacting the maneuverability of vehicles and increasing the distance a vehicle will travel after the driver has braked. Driving too fast for the conditions of the roadway also increases the travel distance after brakes have been applied, and deprives the driver of the time they need to see and respond to roadway hazards.

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