The evidence left after the auto accident.

A 32-year-old woman was charged with six counts of felony vehicular homicide and reckless driving after a recent accident resulted in the deaths of six of her passengers and injured several more as they headed to an addiction meeting at a sobriety center. The accident occurred on I-85, when police say the van driver changed lanes at the last minute in an attempt to make the 985 exit. Initially, police believed that another driver cut in front of the van. However, details of the investigation have now led them to suspect that — while that might still be the case — the accident was ultimately the result of the driver’s own reckless lane change. The van ended up flipping onto its side on the interstate and catching fire.

The van belonged to a sobriety group called “We Are Living Proof.” An individual who answered the phone number associated with the group refused to state what the driver’s role with the group is. The driver is currently being held in the Gwinnett County Jail awaiting trial, having been denied bond. A hold has also been placed on her by Houston County, where she failed to appear in court on charges of marijuana possession and tinted windows in September, 2020.

Determining liability in car accident cases is often complex and depends on a lot of different factors. A case such as this seems to be open and shut where the criminal side is involved, with the at-fault driver behind bars. However, there is a potential for the family members of the deceased passengers to file wrongful death claims as well as the injured passengers to file personal injury lawsuits. When it comes to seeking compensation, however, it is not only about who was driving, but also about whether the driver was employed by someone else who could be liable, or whether the actions of another driver on the roadway also created liability.

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