Three people became injured in the panic that followed an accidental discharge of a firearm in the security screening area of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The incident occurred at around 1:30 PM, when a prohibited item was seen in a piece of luggage that had gone through a screening X-ray. A security employee attempted to hand search the bag, after warning the passenger it belonged not to touch it. At that point, the passenger lunged forward, grabbing the weapon from the bag, at which point it was accidentally discharged.

The sound of gunfire resulted in panic among other passengers at the airport who began running and screaming from the terminal to the tarmac under the belief that there was an active shooter situation. During this time, three individuals became injured, including one that fell down in an atrium area far away from the security screening, as well as two more who were complaining of shortness of breath.

Although the possessor of the gun fled the airport, he had completed enough of the security check that the security employees already had all of his information. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, on charges of carrying a concealed weapon at an airport, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, discharging a firearm, and reckless conduct. Reportedly, the first nine months of 2021 featured a record-breaking number of firearms being discovered at airport security checkpoints across the nation, including 450 firearms detected at airport checkpoints in Atlanta alone. Hartsfield-Jackson has been the world’s busiest airport in 2021.

While individuals who have caused injuries to others during the commission of a crime can be found liable for the expenses and impacts of that injury, there can be other potential sources of liability as well. The owner or possessor of a property at which people are injured due to a failure to protect them from known criminal activity can also be found liable in some circumstances. 

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