Truck Driver Airlifted to Hospital with Burns After I-85 Crash

According to a report from WSB-TV 2, a truck driver was reportedly airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital with burn injuries on Wednesday night after a fiery crash on I-85 in Barrow County that led to the interstate being shut down for hours. The initial crash involved three vehicles, with the tractor-trailer reportedly colliding with two cars as they attempted to exit I-85 at exit 126. The tractor-trailer crashed into the right side of the interstate, hitting one of the overhead signs and catching on fire. The accident reportedly occurred before 7 pm, and the roadway was not reopened again until after 10:30 pm.

As noted by the Georgia Department of Safety, tractor-trailers operating on roadways throughout the state cannot be taller than 13’6″, which is the standard allowable height in most states. Interstate signs generally must have a minimum vertical clearance of 14-16 feet

Due to their massive size, tractor-trailers have several issues that impact their ability to maneuver safely through congested roadways, including significant blind spots on all four sides of the vehicle that make it difficult to know if the lane is clear in order to merge or change lanes. Additionally, it is more difficult to perform emergency driving actions such as swerving in a tractor-trailer due to its high center of gravity that makes it prone to rolling over. Tractor-trailers also require a longer stopping distance when the brakes are applied, as the brakes must work harder to pull the tremendous weight of the vehicle to a safe stop.

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