Two People Injured in Crash that Closed SB I-285

Two people were injured in a crash that closed all of the southbound lanes of I-285 Sunday evening, including one person who is in critical condition. According to a report from Fox 5, two vehicles crashed on the southbound side of the interstate near the Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway exit. One of the vehicles caught fire as a result of the collision. Both injured parties were rushed to local hospitals for treatment.

As of the report, police were still working to determine the cause of the crash. One of the most common causes of interstate crashes is excessive speed, with this type of roadway generally featuring a faster speed limit to begin with and many drivers going over that speed limit or at a faster speed than what is safe for the weather and traffic conditions on the road. Speeding is associated with a greater risk of loss of vehicle control. A driver who is traveling too fast is deprived not only of the time they need to react to hazards, but the distance their vehicle needs to come to a complete stop after they’ve slammed on the brakes.

Passing and merging issues are another common cause of accidents on interstates, with drivers commonly failing to check their blind spots to ensure a safe gap in traffic in which to enter a travel lane. Likewise, following another vehicle too closely can also cause interstate accidents, as the driver of the following car often does not have sufficient space to stop if the vehicle in front of them suddenly slows or stops.

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