Trucking accident resulting in a big rig on its side.
Cambre & Associates, LLC is pleased to provide immediate legal assistance to the survivors and relatives of the deceased in the tractor-trailer crash on I-285 West near Sandy Springs. The collision was caused by an apparent fatal tractor-trailer incident that involved a fire in the middle of the evening rush hour; some cars experienced slow-moving traffic at the top end of the perimeter. Sandy Springs Police confirmed the death. Traffic cameras run by the Georgia Department of Transportation caught a tractor-trailer on fire on the shoulder of westbound I-285, right before New Northside Drive. This was caused by a “severe” accident in Sandy Springs. According to Sandy Springs police, three inside eastbound lanes remained closed, as did the westbound lanes. Later, it looked like those eastbound lanes had reopened by 7 o’clock. Police in Sandy Springs say that in the back, two tractor-trailers carrying scrap metal and magnesium hit each other. “The explosion from the impact came from the fuel onboard the tractor-trailer that caused the accident, which killed the driver,” authorities said. “Due to the intensity of the fire and the scrap metal, it has taken longer than normal to clear the roadway. The magnesium keeps relighting.” At Cambre & Associates, LLC, we help car accident victims. If the other driver caused the accident, we know what to do to assist the relatives of the deceased driver in filing a wrongful claim. We can help you demand compensation for the victim’s suffering, funeral, and burial costs. Additionally, we can help you get compensated for the financial loss a family member would have brought in had they survived. We will also help the survivors of the accident, if there are any, get the help they need from the insurance companies. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and discuss your best options with our expert personal injury lawyers. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take your call.