Two emergency responders standing above a fallen motorcycle after a crash.
An accident involving multiple motorcycles on I-75 in Clayton County resulted in the deaths of two people, and injuries to two more. According to the Clayton County Police Department, the accident occurred at around 2:30 Sunday afternoon before Tara Boulevard, and resulted in all southbound lanes of the interstate being closed for several hours on one of the busiest travel days of the year. After the accident, traffic was reportedly backed up all the way to I-285. When police arrived at the scene, two of the motorcyclists were unresponsive and good Samaritans at the scene were administering CPR until emergency responders arrived. Three motorcyclists were reportedly transported to the hospital for their injuries. One of the riders was pronounced dead on arrival, and another later died of their injuries. The third rider was still hospitalized on Monday and considered stable. A fourth rider suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene. At the time of the news report on the accident, police were still investigating its cause and had not announced any charges against any of the riders or drivers of other vehicles. Motorcycles, by design, feature a number of safety hazards for the rider, including:
  • A slimmer frame and fewer lights, which make it less visible to other roadway users, both in the day and night.
  • Less maneuverability than four-wheeled vehicles, which makes it more difficult to control, particularly during emergency actions such as swerving.
  • “Inattentional blindness,” which is a result of the way the brain of a roadway user prioritizes hazards, focusing on the largest threat — such as tractor-trailers or other large vehicles on the roadway — while failing to recognize smaller details, such as the presence of a vulnerable road user, such as a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian.
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