4 of the Most Dangerous Streets in Atlanta for Pedestrian Accidents

Atlanta ranks as number 8 in the most dangerous cities for pedestrians, due in part to the city’s vehicle-heavy construction. Atlanta residents rely heavily on their vehicles to get them around. As the city’s population continues to grow, unfortunately, that means not only more people on the roads, it means potentially higher danger for pedestrians. Some intersections have greater hazards than others, often due to construction that favors drivers or does not offer adequate infrastructure for pedestrians. Around 8% of Atlanta’s streets account for 88% of pedestrian fatalities and 52% of severe injuries. Furthermore, 10 streets in Atlanta accounted for around 1/3 of traffic fatalities. Some of Atlanta’s streets stand out above the rest when it comes to obvious pedestrian dangers, including high-traffic streets and those in more residential areas. 

1. Moreland Avenue 

On Moreland Avenue, a number of problems make the area more dangerous, in general, for pedestrians. First, the area encourages high speeds, and drivers often choose to speed down those roads, putting everyone they share the road with in significant danger. Second, traffic is highly unpredictable, with vehicles traveling in multiple directions at the same time. This unpredictable traffic pattern makes it difficult for pedestrians to determine which direction cars may choose to move next, which means they may enter the road without realizing they have placed themselves in danger. Finally, the lanes of traffic along Moreland Avenue are so tight that drivers regularly crash into buildings, which means that pedestrians may face risk even when walking in otherwise safe areas. 

The most dangerous stretch of Moreland Avenue is between S. River Industrial Blvd and Wylie St. While Atlanta has worked to reduce dangers to pedestrians, bikers, and others using the area, unfortunately, traffic-related fatalities on this street continue to pose a significant problem. 

2. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr

The busy intersections along Martin Luther King Jr Drive are a hotbed of potential pedestrian accidents. This street sees a heavy degree of bus and pedestrian traffic that can lead to increased accident risk. In fact, the area has seen near-daily pedestrian accidents for years.

Atlanta aims to make a number of potential improvements along this corridor, including increased signs and lighting as well as adding a protected bicycle infrastructure. However, adoption of these changes has been slow.  Martin Luther King Jr Drive remains a difficult area to navigate, with lighting that can make it difficult for drivers to spot pedestrians and heavy traffic that makes it difficult for pedestrians to safely navigate the area. Even as improvements continue, pedestrians may face extensive dangers in this high-traffic neighborhood. 

3. Ralph David Abernathy Blvd

Not only do pedestrians on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd face danger from vehicles, they may face the risk of train accidents, too. The area does have clear signs identifying areas where pedestrians should not travel, which can help protect against train accidents. However, inadequate safety precautions along train lines, including poor protection and inadequate room for people in the area to get away from trains when needed, can increase the risk of an accident. Furthermore, Ralph David Abernathy Blvd has tight traffic lanes that can make traveling on sidewalks more dangerous for pedestrians, since they may not have adequate room to maneuver in the event of an accident. The area may also have overall poor lighting that can prove more disorienting at night, interfering with drivers’ ability to clearly see pedestrians in the area. 

4 Campbellton Rd

Pedestrians on Campbellton Rd face considerable accident risk. A spate of accidents in the area have led city residents to cry for improvements to the pedestrian infrastructure along Campbellton Rd. The area does not have adequate lighting, including a number of intersections with little to no lighting at all, which increases the risk of accidents at dusk or early in the morning, when drivers naturally have more trouble seeing. While this is a heavily-used bus route that serves a large percentage of the local population, it has poor overall pedestrian infrastructure that does not do an adequate job of allowing walkers to move through the area. 

  • Patchy sidewalk coverage. In many areas, the sidewalk does not extend to areas where walkers may need to travel, leaving them walking on the road instead of on safe sidewalks. 
  • Long distances between crossings. In many cases, pedestrians do not have the option to wait for a safe intersection before they hurry across the road. 
  • Overgrowth that leads to poor visibility, including poor visibility around bus stops. Drivers may have a hard time seeing pedestrians or those waiting for the bus. 
  • Fenced areas that make for small waiting areas around intersections, which can make it difficult for people with children waiting to cross. 

Furthermore, utility poles in the area are positioned in a way that makes disability access difficult, leading to increased risk for both disabled individuals and families with children. In short, this street poses a serious danger for pedestrians. 

How Cambre & Associates Can Help After a Pedestrian Accident in Atlanta

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