Following a history of semi-trucks becoming stuck on the tracks and even a few collisions between trucks and trains, Acworth city officials made the decision recently to permanently close the School Street Crossing. The tracks run parallel to the city’s Main Street, and trains frequently pass through the area, according to a report from Fox 5. While there are a few places where motor vehicle traffic can cross the tracks, the School Street crossing — located on a steep incline — has led to nearly 50 citations in recent years to drivers of large commercial vehicles that get hung up on the rails while using this particular crossing.

Not only is the safety of drivers a concern for city officials, the report noted, but also a rash of recent train derailments across the country that have resulted in other safety hazards, such as a recent toxic chemical spill resulting from a derailment in Ohio. Acworth City Manager James Albright noted that while officials considered a number of ideas to make the crossing safer, they ultimately decided that safety at the intersection was a priority over public convenience. Additionally, they cite the increased costs to the city when a truck becomes stuck on the tracks, including police investigations and traffic control, as well as additional work for the public works department in cleaning up after accidents there.

According to the National Safety Council, railroad crossings account for around 26 percent of fatalities involving railroads, and there has been a significant increase in railroad deaths over the past few years. There has also been an increase in occupational deaths of railroad workers, with some of that increase being attributed to highway crossings.

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