According to a report from 11 Alive, the Atlanta Department of Transportation is seeking public input about how to make the city’s streets safer. The department is asking for citizens to comment on the city’s Vision Zero traffic plan which is designed to stop deadly and dangerous accidents from occurring. The city is in the project initiation phase, in which the focus will be updating the High Injury Network, which is a term used to identify areas in Atlanta where motor vehicle accidents are most likely to occur.

The second step of the planning phase involves pop-up meetings and community workshops in which area residents can be involved in implementing the city plan. Finally, in October, the transportation department intends to complete the plan and present it to the Atlanta City Council so they can consider adopting it. 

According to Vision Zero, Atlanta’s pedestrian fatality rate is three times higher than similarly-sized cities such as Seattle, Minneapolis, or Boston. More than half of the city’s traffic deaths are attributed to accidents caused by drivers who were traveling too fast for the traffic or weather conditions of the roadway. In a five-year time frame, the city’s roadways saw 2,387 major collisions featuring injuries or fatalities. In addition to speed, some of the most common factors of Atlanta fatal accidents included impaired or aggressive driving. The term “aggressive driving” refers to a list of negligent driving behaviors that drivers often use in order to break free from areas of traffic congestion, such as red-light running, tailgating, and improper passing.

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