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Police reported that the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a 5-car accident last weekend has been arrested and charged with DUI Less Safe and Serious Injury by Vehicle. The accident occurred late Saturday night when the driver of a Chevy Cruze pulled over their vehicle to the far-left emergency lane on southbound I75/85 at GA 166 in order to change a flat tire. A driver in a Honda pulled over to assist. While the drivers of both vehicles were changing the tire, a driver in a Nissan Murano struck the back of the Honda. The Murano then crossed the highway, striking an Infiniti and a Ford Van. A passenger that was sitting in the Honda was transported to the hospital with critical injuries, and the driver of the Honda sustained non-life threatening injuries that also required a trip to the hospital. The 21-year-old driver of the Murano was arrested and then transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries as well. DUI Less Safe is one of the many complexities of Georgia’s drunk driving laws that generally involves driving under impairment below the legal limit of .08 grams of alcohol per deciliter of blood, or impairment by drugs to the extent that it is less safe to drive. While the name suggests that this is a “lesser” DUI charge, it should be clear that it is treated just as any other DUI. Were you injured in an accident as the result of an impaired driver? If so, you can seek compensation for the expenses and impacts of your injury through a personal injury claim. This is a legal claim filed in civil court, generally within two years of the date of the accident. The experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys at Cambre & Associates can tell you more about this process. Contact us online for a free case evaluation.