Hoses directing water at a smoldering row of burnt building.
An explosion at an apartment building in Dunwoody on Sunday afternoon injured four people. Police were not immediately clear of the whereabouts of two other people who lived in the building, but it was later reported that all the occupants of the apartment building had been accounted for. According to the DeKalb County Fire Chief, a manager for the apartment complex had called earlier in the day to report the smell of gas at the site. However, investigators have not reportedly determined the cause of the explosion and say that their work is slow-going due to the structural integrity of the building being compromised by the blast. The explosion occurred just before 1:30 PM, and investigators arrived to find part of the multi-level building pancaked and 40 to 50 of the units destroyed. Witnesses described the sound of the explosion as sounding like a bomb and reported seeing people limping, bleeding, and even being carried from the rubble. The Red Cross was available at a nearby hotel to provide food, water, and emotional support to displaced residents as they waited to learn more about the situation. The organization plans to continue providing assistance to residents in the days ahead. Liability in situations like this can be difficult to determine. Investigators will certainly want to see if there was a connection between the smell of gas the manager reported earlier in the day and the explosion. They will also need to determine if there was any type of construction in the area that would result in a ruptured line. The pipeline owner’s responsibility to maintain the line and the apartment building owner or manager’s own maintenance of appliances could also be considered. Have you been injured as a result of a dangerous property condition or a defective utility line? If so, let an experienced accident attorney from Cambre & Associates LLC tell you about the process for seeking compensation for the expenses and impacts of your injury. Contact us for a free case evaluation.