An emergency response team directing traffic that is impaired by a traffic jam.

Last week, on Fulton County’s first day of school, a major accident involving an overturned semi-truck resulted in the closure of all lanes of southbound I-285 before Langford Parkway, just before 8 am. The driver of one of the trucks involved in the crash was reportedly trapped inside the vehicle. Atlanta Fire Department members from Station 25 needed to access the crash from the Outer Loop of 1-285 southbound before Highway 166 in order to provide assistance. However, they were stuck a quarter of a mile away due to the emergency lane being filled with vehicles driven by people who attempted to flee the congestion — not realizing the interstate was closed ahead — by traveling in that lane.

Some responders from Station 25 grabbed their gear and walked the rest of the way to the accident, while others jumped out and attempted to direct traffic out of the way. By the time that the fire truck made it to the scene an hour after the crash, the driver had already been freed from the vehicle. AFD Sergeant Cortez Stafford noted that the Station responds to traffic accidents involving tractor-trailers every single day of the week, and that drivers should be aware that getting out of the way of emergency vehicles on the interstate is slightly different than on other types of roadways, where the rule is generally to move as far to the right as possible. When approached by an emergency vehicle on interstates, drivers should always keep the right emergency lane open, instead checking their mirrors to see which lane the emergency vehicle is approaching in, and steer clear of that lane.

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