One person was killed in a multi-vehicle accident Wednesday morning that occurred just east of I-85, on Stantondale Drive near Chamblee Tucker Road. The accident resulted in a partial closure of the roadway near Mercer University’s Atlanta campus for several hours.

According to a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, DeKalb County emergency crews responded to the scene at around 7 AM to discover that one of the drivers involvedbecame trapped underneath a pickup truck and was pronounced dead at the scene. The truck had turned over on its side, pinning the individual beneath it. Another car that had sustained front-end damage came to rest behind the pickup.

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reports that there are more than 1,500 fatal accidents each year on state roadways, and around 400 of those accidents feature a rollover. Rollovers occur for a number of reasons, including the vehicle’s tires “tripping” over an object such as a median or guardrail. They can also occur when a vehicle is traveling too fast around a corner or curve, or when it receives a side impact from another vehicle involved in the crash.

In Georgia, those who have lost a loved one due to a fatal car accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence can seek compensation for the financial and psychological impacts they incurred as a result of their loss. Compensation is commonly awarded for expenses such as the deceased’s final medical expenses, the cost of a funeral and burial, and the loss of support the deceased provided for their family members. Compensation is also often awarded for non-economic impacts such as the loss of love, comfort, care, and moral support that family members received from the deceased in life.

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