Sandy Springs Officials Consider Roundabout to Cut Accidents

Officials in Sandy Springs hosted an open house last week for residents to explain how a mini-roundabout could potentially cut down on accidents and congestion along Lake Forrest Road. According to a report from Rough Draft Atlanta, when motorists on Northwood Drive attempt to turn left onto Lake Forrest Road, they have limited views of southbound traffic due to traffic backed up from the Allen Road intersection. In the last five years, 39 accidents have occurred at the intersection of Lake Forrest and Northwood.

According to civil and transportation engineer Mark Lenters, a mini-roundabout will slow the traffic down but also keep vehicles moving through the Lake Forrest/ Allen Road intersection, relieving the congestion problems at the Northwood intersection. Construction of a mini-roundabout would cost less than a traditional roundabout, as the city would not be required to purchase as much property for the right-of-way and it would take less time to build. 

As explained in an article from Time Magazine, slowing traffic down is a crucial component of reducing accidents, and minimizing the damage when accidents do occur. Every 10 miles extra that a vehicle is speeding significantly increases the impact of the crash. Additionally, the slower a vehicle is going, the less distance it will travel after the brakes have been depressed. Because drivers are required to slow down to navigate the traffic circle, they are better prepared to come to a quick stop if necessary.

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