A map of the city of Atlanta and the roadways/highways that make up the city's transportation structure.
A recent study from MoneyGeek has revealed that the five most dangerous roads in Georgia are all located in the Atlanta metro region. What’s worse: the danger isn’t the roads themselves, but the driving behaviors of roadway users. The study mapped all fatal traffic accidents in Georgia from 2018-2020, using data obtained from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). What the results showed was that nearly 40 percent of the state’s fatal crashes were the result of drunk driving, speeding, or both. The state’s most dangerous roads, according to the number of fatal accidents involved, include:
  • Moreland Avenue from S. River Industrial Boulevard to Wylie Street.
  • Georgia Highway 85 from I-75 to Springdale Drive.
  • I-285 from the Bouldercrest Road exit to the I-20 interchange.
  • I-285 between the Camp Creek Parkway interchange and the Riverdale Road exit.
  • I-20 from Panola Road to Candler Road.
Each of these five-mile stretches featured from 10-13 deaths during the study period. While there was no official statement about the study made by the Georgia Department of Transportation about the study, a representative of the department stated that the study does not take into account the amount of traffic present on any of the roads mentioned. Roadways featuring higher volumes of traffic commonly see more accidents, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the roadway is more dangerous. Drunk driving and speeding are among the most dangerous driving behaviors. Alcohol impairment creates deficits to the skills a driver needs to operate their vehicle safely, such as lane and speed control, responses to emergency driving situations, signal detection, and the ability to make good driving decisions. Speeding reduces the amount of time a driver has to respond to a hazard on the roadway, increases the amount of time it takes for their vehicle’s brakes to bring the vehicle to a complete stop, and also increases the force of the collision. Have you been injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver in the metro Atlanta region? If so, contact us to learn more about how to obtain compensation for the expenses and psychological impacts of your injury.