The Rise of New Rideshare Services in Atlanta

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become a normal part of everyday life, not just in the Atlanta area, but across the country and even around the world. Recently, however, new rideshare services have moved into the market: services that focus on safety needs for their passengers and help them feel more secure. These services have the potential to change the face of the market as they address some of the most serious concerns faced by many of the people who use rideshare rides on a daily basis. 

Black Wolf

Black Wolf offers a unique take on rideshare services. Not only does it offer services to help get riders to their destination, it provides an armed security agent as a driver. This agent, who is either former military, police, or private security, has the training to help keep passengers secure. While it is a service often used by celebrities and other targets, Black Wolf isn’t targeted to those individuals. It does come at a slightly higher rate than other rideshare services, but it aims to keep security affordable for its passengers. 

“Who are getting shot? Who are getting robbed? Who are getting raped? The general public, so that’s who it was created for,” said Kerry KingBrown, the creator of the app. Black Wolf aims to address those concerns by making a secure rideshare service available to citizens in large metro areas, including Atlanta. 

In addition to an armed security guard in the vehicle, selected when you choose the ride, the cars come equipped with first aid kits, bulletproof vests, and cameras in the vehicle that can capture anything that takes place in the area. Furthermore, Black Wolf’s drivers are not just there to pull up to the curb, pick up their passengers, and move on. They’re able to escort riders to and from the vehicle or even provide security support when passengers reach their destination. 

Black Wolf aims to address the rise in crime, not only in Atlanta, but around the country, helping its passengers feel more secure. 


While Black Wolf provides security in the form of armed, trained drivers, HeRide aims to provide a different type of security to its passengers. HeRide aims to address the typical concerns women have when accepting a rideshare ride from Uber or Lyft: the possibility that they will get into a vehicle with a man who does not respect them. Uber had an average of 6,000 sexual assaults reported between 2017 and 2018. Between 2017 and 2019, Lyft had 4,000 assaults reported. 

That number does not include the women made to feel uncomfortable during their Uber or Lyft rides: women who were asked for their number, hit on, or otherwise treated badly in a rideshare vehicle. Many women note that they feel pressured to flirt back or to provide information when asked for it, since they’re in a vehicle driven by the person hitting on them. Unfortunately, they may also feel uncomfortable because they have provided that individual with their address, which can make it easier for him to track them down later. 

HeRide aims to address those concerns by providing all-female drivers. This strategy aims to help women planning to ride alone, making them feel more comfortable in accepting those rides and getting in the vehicle. Currently, some women simply cancel rideshare rides until they end up with a female driver, which helps them feel more secure. With HeRide, passengers can feel confident that they will have a female driver. 

Because HeRide is still in its early stages and does not have a large number of driver yet, riders need to book in advance to ensure they will have the female driver they need when they’re ready to head out. However, the app is currently seeking funding that will help it expand in coming months and years, allowing the platform to offer higher levels of service. 

How New Rideshare Services Could Change Insurance Claims

Uber and Lyft both offer extensive insurance policies for their drivers. Those insurance policies kick in with different levels of coverage depending on whether drivers are waiting with the app on, heading out to pick up a passenger, or actively traveling with a passenger in the vehicle. Newer rideshare services, with less extensive bases, may not offer the same level of coverage. 

If you suffer injuries as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries, including  compensation for your medical costs, your income losses, and your pain and suffering. However, where you file that claim may depend on who caused the accident. For example, if you were in an accident caused by the rideshare driver, you may have the right to pursue compensation through the rideshare platform coverage. On the other hand, if the other driver caused the accident, you may need to start by pursuing compensation through that driver’s insurance company. 

While new rideshare services may focus on prioritizing safety, that does not make their drivers immune to accident potential, and an accident can cause devastation for anyone who suffered injuries due to the negligence of a rideshare driver. Regardless of who caused the accident, you may need to work closely with a lawyer to learn more about your rights, especially when dealing with a smaller company like Black Wolf or HeRide after an accident. An attorney can ensure that you fully understand the insurance policies and the coverage and compensation they provide as well as helping you maximize the results of your claim. 

Contact an Attorney After a Rideshare Accident

Whether you suffered injuries in a rideshare accident in an Uber or Lyft vehicle or you suffered injuries while using one of the new platforms, you need an attorney to help guide you through the claim process and give you a better idea of the compensation you can recover. At Cambre & Associates, our experienced attorneys can help walk you through the process and provide you with extensive support. Contact us today to learn more about your rights.