An orange train off the train tracks after a derailment.
A Saturday night train derailment in Hiram resulted in injuries to two crew members. The accident involved a Norfolk Southern locomotive that was pulling 88 train cars through downtown Hiram at around 10:30 pm, when the lead locomotive and seven other cars overturned on Main Street between Railroad Street and Beatty Street. The cars blocked traffic and caused downtown roads to be closed down. The two injured crew members were riding in the lead locomotive and were transported to a nearby hospital before being released on Sunday. Two other locomotives remained upright. The train in question was traveling from Atlanta to Chattanooga at the time of the accident. Investigators are currently working to determine what caused the train’s cars to leave the track and plan to report their findings to the Federal Railroad Administration, which is tasked with regulating safety and inspections of the nation’s railroads. On a per-mile basis, there is far less risk of becoming injured or killed while riding a trainthan riding in a passenger car. In spite of this, train derailments are actually rather common. Most derailments do not result in injuries simply because the majority of trainsthat derail are carrying cargo rather than people. According to the Federal RailroadAdministration’s Office of Safety Analysis, nearly half of all train derailments are a result of track failure. Human error accounts for nearly 29 percent of all train derailments. Railroad accidents result in around 5,400 injuries and 750 deaths a year. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one as a result of a train accident, the experienced accident attorneys at Cambre & Associates LLC can explain the process of seeking compensation for your injuries. For your free case evaluation, contact us online or by calling 770-502-6116.