Car hit scene
Car hit scene
Getting hit by a car as a pedestrian can mean substantial injuries and immense suffering. Even a low-speed collision may leave the victim with long-term complications. If you get hit by a car as a pedestrian, how much compensation should you expect for your injuries? What will your claim look like? Consider these crucial elements.

Average Settlement Amounts for Pedestrian Victims

If you suffered injuries in a car accident as a pedestrian, your settlement or court award may depend on what kind of injuries you suffered. Did you suffer whiplash, broken bones, sprains and strains, or severe bruising? You may see settlement amounts ranging between $15,000 and $75,000. Did you suffer more serious injuries, like traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, or amputations? Your settlement may rise considerably higher, with an average of around $500,000. In some cases, pedestrian accident claims may even settle for $1 million or more, depending on the extent of the pedestrian’s injuries.

Breaking Down Compensation for Pedestrian Victims

At Cambre & Associates, we, like any pedestrian accident attorney, cannot promise the compensation you will recover for your pedestrian accident injuries, nor can we guarantee that your settlement will fall within the averages above. However, we can help you break down the general damages most people claim for pedestrian accident injuries, which may give you a better idea of how much compensation you should expect–and when you should consider accepting a settlement offer. Most pedestrian accident claims include:

Compensation for the medical costs related to your accident.

Ultimately, the severity of your injuries will have a huge impact on the compensation you recover for your pedestrian accident. Generally, if you suffered severe injuries, that means you have much more substantial medical bills and other losses related to the accident, and if you suffered relatively minor injuries, you may have faced comparatively fewer losses. Severe injuries may mean surgical expenses, long-term care costs, and significant physical or occupational therapy bills. While even minor injuries can carry a substantial price tag, you may find that serious injuries leave you with more financial challenges related to paying those medical bills.

Compensation for any wages you lost because of the accident.

Did your pedestrian accident result in a loss of wages? Often, pedestrian accident victims have injuries that prevent them from working. For example, if you suffered broken bones, it might make it very difficult for you to stand on your feet all day at work, especially if you work in a very physical environment. Likewise, if you suffered an injury like a traumatic brain injury, you may have a hard time concentrating well enough to handle your usual work tasks. A personal injury claim after a pedestrian accident can help you recover some of the income you lost after your accident.

Compensation for any pain and suffering you faced.

Calculating compensation for pain and suffering is sometimes more difficult than calculating the other types of compensation you may deserve for your injuries, since pain and suffering does not usually include a tangible financial amount. However, you deserve compensation for the non-financial losses you faced during your accident as well as the financial challenges you may have faced. Compensation for pain and suffering may take into account long-term disability, emotional trauma, and disfigurement as well as the actual bills you may have faced due to the accident.

What Can Impact Your Pedestrian Accident Settlement?

There are several factors that can impact your pedestrian accident claim and the compensation you can recover.

What does the liable driver’s insurance policy offer?

Some drivers have insurance policies that offer considerably more compensation than others. For example, commercial drivers, including big truck drivers, usually carry much higher-value policies than the driver of a passenger vehicle. Rideshare drivers may also have access to higher-value coverage. On the other hand, if your accident was caused by a driver who carries only minimum auto insurance, you may have a much harder time recovering the compensation you really deserve for your injuries.

Are you working with a pedestrian accident attorney?

Working with an attorney can change the settlement offer you receive and the compensation you can recover during the accident significantly. Many insurance companies will offer additional compensation when they realize that you have a lawyer on your side. Others may prove easier to negotiate with. A lawyer can also help identify all the compensation you deserve and even all the parties that may share liability for your accident, which can make it easier for you to recover the full compensation you deserve.

Who caused your pedestrian accident?

In many cases, the driver involved in a pedestrian accident will take responsibility for the accident. Pedestrian accidents can occur because a driver failed to yield to pedestrian traffic, because a driver failed to notice the presence of the pedestrian, or because of poorly-labeled walkways and crosswalks. However, in some cases, the pedestrian may also cause or contribute to the accident. Suppose, for example, that you stepped out into the road knowing that the driver would not have adequate time to stop, or stumbled into the road due to inebriation. In those cases, you might bear partial or full liability for the accident because of your actions. If you bear partial liability for the accident, you may have the compensation you can recover lowered based on the percentage liability you bear. On the other hand, if you bear full liability for the accident, you might not have the right to recover compensation through the driver’s insurance company. A pedestrian accident lawyer can help determine who bears liability for the accident and give you a better idea of how to move forward.

Contact a Pedestrian Accdident Attorney to Learn More

If you suffered serious injuries in a pedestrian accident, a lawyer can help you learn more about your right to compensation, from how much compensation you should expect to who may bear liability for the accident–and therefore who you need to pursue a claim against in order to get the compensation you need. Contact Cambre & Associates today for a free consultation.