The sister of an 87-year-old Korean War veteran is searching for answers after the man was taken from his nursing home in Snellville in July for an appointment at the VA clinic in Lawrenceville. An admissions nurse at the VA clinic discovered the man — who suffered from dementia — sitting alone in the waiting room and in clear medical distress and called 911. He was rushed to Gwinnett Medical Center, where it was discovered that he had suffered a broken neck. The records from Gwinnett Medical Center indicate that the man had been involved in a motor vehicle accident while being transported to the clinic. He died a week later.

In the four months since the accident occurred, the man’s family has been searching for answers at to what happened. There is no public record of an accident taking place during transport. The nursing home’s insurance company stated that the man was in a Veteran’s Administration vehicle and under the care of the VA when the accident occurred. The VA, however, says that the nursing home is at fault, as the veteran was transported from a non-VA nursing home by non-VA transportation, and was escorted into the clinic for his appointment by a non-VA caregiver. Freedom of Information Act requests have been filed in an attempt to obtain more answers about whose custody the man was in when the incident occurred.

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