lamborghini wheel with tyre brake disc with yellow brake caliper and logo
Police in Buckhead are investigating an incident Monday night in which a woman was somehow ejected from a Lamborghini at the intersection of Piedmont and Peachtree roads. Multiple witnesses at the scene reported seeing an altercation between the woman and the vehicle’s driver. The vehicle then took off, and the woman was either thrown or fell out of the car through the vehicle’s sunroof. The Lamborghini then fled the scene, leaving the 28-year-old victim lying in the road. Some witnesses noted that the woman was unconscious but breathing shortly after the crash. 911 dispatchers instructed one of the callers on how to perform CPR until help arrived. The woman was taken to the hospital where she later died of her injuries. The death has not yet been classified as accidental or homicide, and police have not stated whether the Lamborghini that the woman fell from has been located. However, witnesses at the scene were able to give police details of a distinctive license plate on the vehicle that read BULL RUN, and to also give the direction that the vehicle was headed. Often, small details from witnesses, such as a license plate number and a vehicle or personal description, are what police need to find hit-and-run drivers that would otherwise get away with causing serious injuries or deaths. Finding the driver in a hit-and-run accident is very important, not only for ensuring that they are held accountable for the injuries they cause, but also so that a victim or a victim’s family members, with the help of an experienced attorney, can file a claim against that driver in order to obtain compensation for the expenses and psychological impacts they incurred as a result of the driver’s carelessness or recklessness. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in an accident, let an experienced attorney from Cambre & Associates help you understand the process of seeking compensation. Contact us for a free case evaluation.