What To Expect After A Car Accident

If you have gotten into a car accident, it seems more often than not you know all about what to do in the immediate aftermath, but what can you expect in the hours, days, or weeks after the incident? In this post, we explain the things that you should plan for and expect as you move forward after this accident. Keep in mind that the severity of your accident and the extent of your injuries will have a lot to do with the actual timeline of events and the things you will need to deal with.

If you have been injured in an accident and someone else was at fault for the crash, contact us today to discuss your options for seeking compensation. We will work with you through negotiations with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement, and if that fails, we will represent you in civil court for a full lawsuit. You do not need to suffer the financial burden of your accident without support, and we will help you get the money you deserve. Read more about what to expect, and schedule your consultation today.

Expect To Talk To Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company will be in communication with you to discuss all aspects of your accident. If you sustained injuries that require medical attention, then they will need to know about the procedures, treatment, and care that you are receiving. Make sure that you discuss the situation with your insurance agent in order to understand your rights and how much coverage you are granted under your policy.

Expect Aches and Pains

Even if you have not experienced serious injuries, an accident can be jarring and cause muscle stiffness, bruises, and other aches. Stiff necks are extremely common after car accidents because it is extremely easy to get whiplash, even at low speeds. In some instances, you may find that it takes a day or two or muscle, ligament, tendon, or disk issues to show themselves. As soon as you experience pain, be sure to see your doctor.

Expect Trips To the Doctor

It is important that you visit your doctor for your injuries early after the accident, for a few reasons. The most important reason is to ensure that you are on the right path towards a full recovery. Secondly, it is important that you establish a medical record of your injuries as soon as possible. If you wait too long to report a neck injury, the insurance company can make a reasonable claim that your injuries may not be related to the accident you had with their client.

Expect Outreach From Family and Friends

After an accident, it is to be expected that your family, friends, and coworkers will reach out to you to make sure that you are alright. Depending on how many people are reaching out to you, it may get exhausting and overwhelming. This is a good time to talk with other people who may have been in a similar situation as you are in now, and could offer some good advice on how to handle your upcoming legal issues.

Expect To Speak With Lawyers

We offer a free consultation specifically to help people in your situation. After an accident, it is hard to determine what the next steps should be, or even what your options are moving forward. It can be extremely helpful to talk to an experienced car accident attorney in Atlanta, and we will be happy to discuss your case with you. It will be a great opportunity to understand your legal circumstances more completely and get an idea of how we will handle your case as your representatives.

Expect Medical Bills

Unfortunately, medical treatment in the United States is very expensive. This is another reason that it is very important to speak with your insurance company as soon as possible, as well as to speak with an attorney to understand how this overall process works. Your insurance will hopefully cover immediate expenses, and we will work with you to identify a plan for getting the medical treatment you need while balancing your finances, managing any missed work, and building a case for your repayment.

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